Why We Get Results


Do you find yourself walking around the gym lost and unsure of what to do? At Live Free CrossFit we program the training for you.

Our programming is done by an Exercise Physiologist, and is designed to challenge you so that you are guaranteed to see results. We give you the direction you need to be successful and take the guess work out of your training.


Not sure if your doing the exercise right? Are you afraid to get hurt? You need a coach.

Everyone needs a coach. Coaching creates accountability. Coaching insures safety. With our Coaching your form and performance will improve, leading to faster results and sustainable training.


Tired of dreading the hour you spend in the gym? At Live Free Crossfit you actually want to come to the gym. We make the hour you spend with us the best one of your day. Our Community supports each other and holds each other accountable. You will meet new people with like minded goals that will inspire you and help you in the gym and in life. You will make develop new friends, make business contacts, and actually enjoy the struggle!

Open 7 Days

We have classes everyday! We are open from 6am to 830pm Mon-Fri, and 9am to 12pm Sat and Sun. With our schedule their is always an opportunity to train, and improve your healthy. The gives you the best opportunity to be successful.

Classes for Everyone

We offer more than just Crossfit. Included in your membership we have Boxing, Yoga, Weight Lifting, and Beginner’s Classes. Giving you a broad range of different training modalities that creates a more complete training experience.

Specialty Services

Nutritional Coaching – Need help with your nutrition? We offer 1 on 1 coaching that includes guidance, meal plans, and accountability. Nutrition is the foundation of health and our nutritional coaching program will teach you the principles necessary to accelerate your results.

Individual Programming – Looking for a more specific approach? Our coaches can create a one of a kind program tailored to your individual goals. This includes consultation, assessment, programming, measurement, and refinement. Our individual programs allow you to reach your goals faster and go at your own speed.

Personal Training – Our Personal training program is our most detailed service. We include nutrition, individual programming, and coaching so that your health, fitness, and experience are all tailored to your needs and desires.

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