Feel Confident In Your Own Skin Again


“I know everyone thinks that their crossfit gym is the best gym, but… THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST CROSSFIT GYM IN MIAMI. If you want to work out with true Miami locals, have a good time, grind out a real sweaty work out, learn the ins and outs of OLY lifting with the best (shout out to Nico), break it down to some salsa, reggaeton, house, or just some good old gangsta rap, this is your kind of place. On a personal note, after taking a break from crossfit for almost a year, I was very hesitant and wary of committing to a new box. Especially with new gyms popping up everywhere in Miami and everyone claiming to have the knowledge to coach regular people through crossfit work outs. These guys and gals are the real deal and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to coach everyone safely that walks in through their doors. Plus, they have the best looking group of coaches around *fire emoji* Luvvvv you guysssss”

-Cristina A.

“One of the great things about live free CrossFit is that the instructors and the staff will help you to be the best that you can possibly be. Whether it be Oscar, Ben or John, they are all hands on and they constantly monitor the class and offer words of encouragement that help you to go just a little bit further. They are engaged and fully invested in your success. Even though CrossFit is considered to be an individual Sport, and you’re not competing against anyone, don’t think for one minute that you are alone in this, at live free CrossFit the instructors have your back. Also, when it comes to nutrition and what you should eat, you have an Incredibly knowledgeable staff; They are truly full service! Go and talk to them today!”

-George M.

“As a friend recently told me, people really care around here. You can get a work out anywhere, even your bed (nudge, nudge) But you can’t get a sense of community that encourages you (at times ruthlessly) to be the best version of you. Like my friend told me, he gets mental, emotional and spiritual work out here. That’s not something every gym can provide, and I certainly did not experience that from any other gym I’ve been to before. As human beings, we are not just this combination of meat and bones. We are human beings and it takes more than repetition work out to get our satisfaction. Being heard is important. Having a sense of community is important. And being part of something that is a combination of people who care and want the best for themselves and others is radically important. You can get that at this place. Welcome home, buddy!”

-Mario H.

“I always thought of myself as pretty fit; regularly going to a gym, biking, boot camps, swimming, etc. But after receiving a disappointingly high cholesterol result (262) last August, I decided to shake things up and joined the LFC family. Nine months later I have slimmed down and feel great, committed, challenged and, amazingly, the new results came in: 200! My doc has never seen a drop like that without taking drugs to do it. I couldn’t have done it without the professionalism of my LFC staff and the enthusiasm and support from everyone there – including my fellow workout buds. This place is exceptional — because of the people there. Thank you all!!!”

-Donn D.

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